What is Project Read?

Our book clubs is a safe and informal places where children and young people can interact freely with books and stories. It is an opportunity to develop a love of books and a culture of reading in the communities.

Why Project Read?

We know that literacy is one of the big underlying issues for many of our students. This program aims to develop a taste for reading, books and stories. By creating a culture of reading enjoyment, we support literacy programs and improve children’s reading skills. Simply put, we support book clubs because we believe they are the best way to improve reading and writing skills.

To promote the love for reading, creative writing and literature.

To expose learners to diverse texts and possible careers part in writing and editing Story telling Reading.

Creative writing

Create a love for reading amongst children through interactive reading and storytelling activities. Assist children with basic building blocks for age appropriate reading and storytelling activities. Encourage and promote reading for enjoyment to be implemented at school and within the home.