NEOLOGISMS OR COINAGES IN POLITICAL LEXICON OF NIGERIA ~ D . H ELUKE Within the linguistic realms of morphology – the study of morphemes or anatomy or internal structure of words , word creation processes or morphological processes are undertaken to tutor students on how new words , ideas , concepts etc are accommodated . Through this productive means , languages seem to live longer than expected. There is hardly any known human language that does not expand its lexicon through borrowing, abbreviation, acronyms, calquing, reduplication, loan blend etc. It is the mechanism that enlivens our languages. However, the business of our discussion today will be to look at some abbreviations and acronyms of the names of some major political gladiators in our body polity to generate new words which have enriched our political lexicon. There is a marked difference between abbreviations and acronyms. The former take initial letters of words to form new words while the latter do same but such new coinages can be pronounced as a word. For instance ; UPH is an abbreviation for University of Port Harcourt while UNIPORT is an acronym for the same unique University. Now , let us take a look at some of the major political stakeholders and what they represent in this new space.

1. AA – Atiku Abubakar : This Adamawa born politician is the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in 2019 and 2023 general elections. He is always known as the Waziri or Turaki Adamawa. Since 1992 till date, AA happens to be the only politician who has been contesting elections in the history of Nigeria. In 1992, he contested against MKO Abiola ; 1998 ,he ran as a governorship candidate of the PDP and won before he was appointed as a running mate to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.In 2003, he ran. 2007, he ran under the AC. 2011,2015 till date, he will still be on the ballots.

2. BAT – Bola Ahmed Tinubu : Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress and the presidential candidate of the party for the 2023 general elections. He was in red chambers in the early 1990s and was later elected governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007. He is reputed to be the modern builder of Lagos and the most consistent progressive politician in the history of the country.

3. CRA – Chibuike Rotmi Amaechi : Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotmi Amaechi was a former Minister of Transportation and the poster boy of the present administration of President Muhammad Buhari. This Ubima born politician was a speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly ( and chairman , Speakers Forum),1999 to 2007, governor of Rivers State , October 2007 – May 29, 2015. He was also a two term chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum. He will be remembered for his roles in defeating an incumbent government during the 2015 general elections as the Director – General of APC presidential council. He contested against BAT in the just concluded presidential primaries of his party – APC but came a distance second.

4. NEW – Nyesom Ezenwo Wike : Chief ( Barr) Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike is the incumbent governor of Rivers State . This Rumuepirikon born politician was a chairman of Obio/ Akpor LGA of Rivers State for a record two tenures before he was appointed as Chief of Staff to CRA during the first tenure as a governor. After serving as a DG for CRA’s second term , he was recommended for appointment as a Minister of State ( Education). He later joined forces against his former boss and benefactor and bulldozed his way to succeed CRA. He contested against AA during the presidential primaries of PDP but came a distance second. He is currently in a war path with the national leadership of his party.

5. PYO : Pastor Yemi Osibanjo : He is the current vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was the Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice in Lagos State where BAT held sway as governor. The Ogun State born Professor of Law and clergy of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was nominated by BAT to become a vice president. He also contested against BAT and came a distance third position.

6. PMB – President Muhammad Buhari : The war veteran turned politician is adjudged as an anti corruption czar and a straightforward personage. He had contested for the office of the president for four times before he won at the fifth time by defeating an incumbent government. He has been the President of Nigeria from 2015 till date.

7. PO – Peter Obi : He is a former governor of Anambra State and a former ally of Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Peter Gregory Obi is a renowned business man and the candidate of the Labour Party for the 2023 general elections.

8. SMA- Senator Magnus Ngei Abe : This Ogoni born politician was a former ally of CRA. He was a former minority leader of the RVHA, appointed as a Commissioner of Information and later a Secretary to the State Government under CRA. He remains one of the best brains in Rivers State. He is the candidate of the Social Democratic Party for the governorship elections in Rivers State.

9. TDC – Arch. Tonye Dele Cole is a global champion and entrepreneur of high repute. He is a close ally of CRA and the governorship candidate of the APC in the 2023 general elections in Rivers State.

10. DIG – Dawari Ibitela George : He was an ally of CRA and a Frontline politician. DIG is a young and a vibrant leader who had served as an SA to DAP , Commissioner for Energy and Natural Resources and later a member of the FHR . He is the governorship candidate of the Action Alliance in Rivers State.

11. DAP – Dakuku Adol Peterside is a young, vibrant and intelligent personage of the Opobo extraction. He remains a close ally of CRA. He had served as SA ( Students Affairs), Caretaker Chairman, Commissioner for Works , elected as a member, FHR and the 2015 governorship candidate of the APC. He was later appointed as the DG NIMASA.

12. DLB – Dump Lulu Briggs : This business mogul cum oil magnate is a Kalahari born politician and governorship candidate. He is a philanthropist par excellence.

13. FFK – Femi Fani – Kayode : This is one political character that is feared or dreaded by his opponents. He talks alot and was among those recruited by the last PDP central government to demonise the APC. Today, he is working for the APC.

14. GEJ – Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan : He is an Izon man who rose from grass to grace. As an academic, he rose to stardom by becoming a deputy governor, governor and later a vice president to President Umaru Musa Yar’ adua. On the death of his principal, he became a substantive president but however, he lost his reelection to the opposition party in 2015. He made history by conceding defeat. History will remain fair to him.

15. PEJ – Patience Ebelemi Jonathan : Mama Peace of Nigeria. She was the first lady who became more visible than the president himself. She is of the Wakirike extraction of Rivers State. NEW leveraged on the frosty relationship between GEJ and CRA to clinch the governorship of Rivers State in 2015 as PEJ stoutly supported him.

16. SDM – Senator Dino Melaye : This Kogi State born politician known for his flamboyant lifestyle. He is the spokesperson for the AA presidential campaign council. DM is an activist cum politician.

17. JKF – John Kayode Femi. He is a governor of Ekiti State and Chairman of NGF. He is a close ally of BAT.

18. BRF – Babatunde Raji Fashola. A former Chief of staff to BAT. His successor and one of the poster boys of the PMB presidency. He is currently the super Minister of Works and Housing and Power.

19. ORA – Ogbeni Rauf Aragbesola : The Osun State born politician and a former governor is the current Minister of Interior of the present government. He was a Commissioner for Works in Lagos State when BAT was governor.

20. PLM : Professor Lai Muhammad : This Kwara born politician and erudite scholar was a former chief of staff to BAT. He remains the strongest voice of opposition who rattled the former government of the PDP. He is at present the minister of information and culture.


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