Non Nursing Jobs For Nurses

Non Nursing Jobs For Nurses

Nursing is a fast-growing and potentially well-paying profession that offers a unique opportunity to do important work in an ever-changing environment. However, the very factors that make nursing a dynamic career choice can also make it challenging.

In a survey published on the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network, 31.5% of registered nurses (RNs) quit their jobs due to burnout. Other research has shown that a third of nurses leave nursing within the first two years of their career. In other words, if you’re a nurse looking for a non-nursing job, you’ve got plenty of company.

However, getting a nursing degree is not cheap. Whether you go to school for an associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degree, you’ll likely pay tens of thousands of dollars for your education.

The good news is that you have many options. Whether you want to work remotely or onsite, there are several non-nursing jobs that will allow you to use your skills and experience in new and exciting ways.

Remote jobs for nurses

You may not need to leave nursing to change careers. Depending on your interests and career goals, a move to remote work may give you the new direction you’ve been looking for.

According to a recent report by independent platform provider Upwork, well over half of US employees work from home at least part of the time. If you’re currently working at the bedside, you might think your career wouldn’t fit into a remote work lifestyle. However, remote nursing jobs do exist if you know where to look. Consider the following options:

1. Telemedicine nurse

Telemedicine nurses provide patient care via phone and video chat. These nurses may work for medical practices, health insurance companies, or nonprofit organizations. Some telemedicine nurses act as a hotline for patient questions, while others provide more comprehensive patient education and support. Most job postings list registered nurses, but some are also open to licensed practical nurses (LPNs).

Salary: Glassdoor reports that telemedicine nurses earn an average annual salary of $65,870.

2. Case Manager

Experienced RN case managers often find remote work. Many case manager roles focus on finding cost savings while providing excellent patient care. Nurse case managers may work for hospitals, medical centers or insurance companies. Depending on the role, these jobs may include utilization auditing, patient advocacy, and care coordination.

Salary: According to PayScale, nurse case managers earn an average annual salary of $73,208.

3. Online Nursing Educator

Online nursing teachers teach students and professionals about patient care and nursing practice. They may also be responsible for developing and updating the nursing program. Typically, nursing educators must hold a practicing nursing license and earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing, although some programs prefer a master’s or doctoral degree.

Salary: ZipRecruiter reports that online nursing instructors earn an average annual salary of $65,353.

4. Primary care nurse

Nurse practitioners perform many of the same functions as doctors. They assess, diagnose and treat patients, order tests and prescribe medications. State laws vary, but most nurses work alongside doctors. Advances in technology have allowed some caregivers to work remotely.

Salary: According to, nurses earn an average annual salary of $111,281.

5. Remote Diabetes Educators

While nursing educators focus on teaching students how to become caregivers, distance educators help patients manage their health. A remote diabetes counselor helps people with diabetes adopt a healthier lifestyle and manage their medications.

Salary: According to ZipRecruiter, Distance Diabetes Educators earn an average annual salary of $75,832.

Nursing jobs outside of the bedside

Want to get out of bed but use your skills and training in other ways? Maybe one of these jobs suits you. Some require additional education or training, but all leverage your work experience.

1. Nursing Researcher

Do you want to keep making the world a better and healthier place? A career in nursing could be just what you are looking for. Nurse Researchers are Advanced Practice RNs, such as B. Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Anesthetists. They design and conduct studies that collect and analyze data about diseases, treatments, and medications.

Salary: PayScale reports that nursing researchers earn an average annual salary of $81,500.

2. Magistrate Advisor

Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) work for law firms and insurance companies, providing insight and analysis into the medical side of legal cases. They can also act as experts in court proceedings. LNCs typically have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and are certified by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC).

Salary: According to PayScale, Legal Advisors make an average hourly wage of $49.22.

3. Nursing Informatics Specialist

Most hospitals in the United States use an Electronic Medical Record (EHR) system. Nursing computer scientists help analyze and improve EHR systems, resulting in more efficient patient care and greater cost-efficiency. These specialists are typically RNs with a certificate in nursing informatics. You can also have a master’s degree with a concentration in this field.

Salary: ZipRecruiter reports that Nursing Informatics Specialists earn an average annual salary of $83,943.

4. Web Developer

Do you feel called to information technology (IT) and want to leave the medical world behind? You might want to switch to a new career as a web developer. The attention to detail and multitasking skills you have honed as a nurse will serve you well in this job. Better yet, you might be able to jump into this career with just a few courses or a coding bootcamp program.

Salary: According to Glassdoor, web developers earn an average annual salary of $68,524.

5. Health Coach

Apply your patient education skills as a health coach, helping clients develop healthier habits by advising them on diet, exercise and stress management techniques.

Salary: According to, health coaches earn an average annual salary of $59,714

Non Nursing Jobs For Nurses

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